Texas Horse Barns

One of the the most prominent recurring symbols of the Great State of Texas is the noble steed. Horses have played a major role in the history and the settlement of the Republic of Texas, and later the State of Texas. They are still important today.

Horses yesterday and today

In the early days, horses were more than just transportation, they often meant survival! Horses were also the tools of the cowboy trade. Texas ranchers still use horses to round up cattle, even with all the other equipment available, a horse and rider can still accomplish some tasks that a 4 wheeler can't! Today's Lone Star cowboys still need a place to protect these great animals from the often dangerous weather conditions of our region.

Texas horse barns have changed

Like everything else, horse barns have changed, the materials from which they are built have changed, and the way they are constructed has changed. Horse barns today are often built for specific purposes like "run in" sheds, stables, and stalls for housing and grooming, and hay barns, and these are often built as separate buildings. Each type is important to the proper care and feeding of our equine friends.

Modern Texas horse barns

Today's horse barns are often built with steel beams, or wooden poles and clad with sheet steel. Some are modular, cut to size in a factory, and put together on site. Some are built using post frame construction methods, and some are even portable, built off site and hauled onto site. There are many choices, and often several types will exist on one ranch. There are scaled down versions available for smaller operations.