Pole Barns Texas

Pole barn history

Pole barns, or post frame structures have been in existence for a big part of mans history. Probably starting with "lean to" type structures with branches thrust as deeply into the ground as possible, with cross branches spanning the top, and leaves, branches, and latter, thatch covering the top. This is one of the simplest types of structures, and has been commonly used throughout mans history. The most basic forms required little more than a few long poles inserted in holes in the ground, lashed together with posts spanning the perimeter at the top, and with other poles added to create a roof.

Pole barn uses

Pole barns have been used widely in agriculture, and formed the basis for buildings serving many purposes, such as hay barns, cattle stalls, horse barns, and simple equipment sheds with a flat roof sloped front to back to shed water. Today, post frame construction techniques are used for almost every type of building you can imagine.

Advances in pole barns

Today, post frame structures, while sharing the same basic construction technique with their ancient predecessors, have become much more advanced in both materials and techniques. Today, the posts are usually made of treated materials, and the ground contact end sheathed in rot resistant materials. Many of these modernized pole barns are more complex structures used as homes throughout the country. The siding used today is often double galvanized sheet steel, which is then primed and painted to provide years of maintenance free durability.

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