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Just exactly what constitutes a barn? At one time there was a fairly clear distinction between barns and other outbuildings, but in today’s usage, a barn can be just about any outbuilding, from a simple storage shed, to a much more complex multi use facility.
In the past, a barn was an agricultural building used for housing animals, storing grain, feed, and hay, and for storing tac, and equipment. They were often used for work during in-climate weather. Today, we often use several buildings to perform the same functions.

We may use a garage or carport to house our transportation, we may have another outdoor storage building or storage shed to keep lawn and garden equipment safe, and we may have a separate workshop for working in bad weather. We may even have a separate building for storing animal feed, these days usually for dogs and cats.

Even in rural areas where an agricultural barn is still needed, many of the former functions are farmed out to other buildings.

Barn notes:

What is a mini barn?

A min barn is, substantially, just that, a mini, or miniature barn. It is pretty much just a storage shed used as a barn. There might be some difference, but essentially they are the same. If you want to use your mini barn, or storage shed for actual livestock, it would probably be best to have one built without a floor, or on a slab.

What is a pole barn?

Post frame structures, or pole barns as they are often called, are versatile structures, which can be simple sheds with flat roofs, or large complex buildings suited for living quarters. Holes are dug into the ground and posts inserted to allow for the building of a frame. Such structures are very strong because of the building method.

Barn structure types.

Timber frame

In much of Europe and early America barns were constructed in much the same way as other structures using the timber frame method. This involved setting a foundation, and raising a timber skeleton of the building and then covering the structure with planks. Spaces between the main supports were sometimes filled in with the equivalent of modern studs. The number of studs was usually determined by the importance of what the building housed.

Log barns

Log barns were another common type of barn building. It used many resources, but in the early days of our country, trees were an abundant resource in much of the new territory, and an obstacle to farming.

Post frame barns

Post frame structures, or pole barns as they are often called are a more modern type of barn. They have existed in one form or another for hundreds of years, but today the types of materials used, and the methods employed make them a popular and reliable form of barn structures.

Other barn types

There are many methods used for barn building, but most of them fall into one or the other of the above mentioned categories. Even steel framed structures set on a foundation, or on top of the ground are basically using the same methods as timber frame construction.


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